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Skin Rejuvenation

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30 Minutes

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Dermadrop TDA: non-invasive alternative to mesotherapy – with a choice of 20 bespoke treatment formulation cartridges to suit every clients skin conditions & requirements with no needles. Strong skin cells are the key to beautiful, healthy skin. For a long time, it was only possible to penetrate the deeper skin layers using invasive methods. By contrast, Dermadrop TDA ( Trans Dermal Application ) works without direct skin contact and is computer-controlled. The only thing you feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage effect. Dermadrop TDA is a patented German device working with Swiss formulas.

1. No injections and pain. The procedure does not require injections, leaves no traces of intervention and has no recovery period.

2. For all ages and skin types. The treatment will benefit all skin types and all ages. Has no contraindications and is suitable for dealing with a wide range of problems.

3. Immediate Results. Already after the first session, wrinkles are smoothed out, the oval of the face is tightened, the skin becomes radiant and deeply hydrated.

Treatment Benefits:

• Improved Complexion • Reduced Wrinkle Depth • Activates Cell Renewal • Forms Moisture Deposits • Builds Collagen Fibres

How does the treatment work?

While conventional cosmetic applications fail to penetrate the skin’s barrier, Dermadrop TDA transports even active substances with large molecules down to the hypodermis. The skin regenerates from the inside out and regains its natural beauty. After just a few TDA applications, deposits are formed and the skin is perfectly replenished. Whether a visible freshness boost immediately after treatment or a long-term improvement in complexion – the results put a smile on the faces of impressed clients all over the world.

The Dermadrop Fabulous Nourishes and tightens the skin in the sensitive female genital area and helps preserve natural skin elasticity. In addition, the combination of natural active substances such as rosemary, cinnamon extract, panthenol and lactic acid stabilizes a healthy vaginal flora with an optimal pH-value.

The Dermadrop Shine and Glow supports hair growth. High-performance formula for renewing the hair structure for up to 95% more resistance and shine. Repairs damaged hair, regenerates the scalp, combats and works to prevent dandruff. Ensures smoothness and improved manageability in all hair types. Maximum volume for thin and medium thick hair.

Dermadrop Nailcure: The rich, nourishing care is intensively moisturising, protects and cares for cuticles, strengthens the nails and smooths furrows. Promotes velvety-soft skin and beautiful, perfectly looked-after nails.

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