Dermadrop Russian Facial

Results Last

Long Lasting

Sessions Required

2 - 3

Treatment Type

Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Side Effects


Our clients simply love the Halcyon Dermadrop Facial. We are offering Russia’s top beauty treatment that offers complete skin rejuvenation.

The revolutionary Russian Dermadrop Facial is Russia's number one beauty treatment - Needle-free beauty that goes deeper. With pulses of pure oxygen, a complex of serums is delivered to the skin in ultra-fine drops, which continue to work for several hours after the session. Dermadrop is a unique non-invasive bio-revitalisation treatment that can transform the skin after the very first session.

Treatment Benefits:

• Deep nourishment • Skin lightening and tightening • Boost of moisture • Complete skin regeneration • Treats hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

Dermadrop confidently pushes injection techniques into the past delivering the exact same efficiency as BIOREVITALISATION and MESOTHERAPY procedures in terms of depth and penetration of active ingredients into the skin.​

Dermadrop can be used on all skin tones & all skin types. Dermadrop is completely painless and gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation after the first session.

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